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Tilly absolutely thrives at Millmoot’s Little Boots.  Emma provides a fun, imaginative learning environment with the staff and children becoming an extended family to Tilly. I can’t speak highly enough of the care, professionalism, and quality of learning. A real gem of an opportunity.



We love the outdoor learning opportunities Millmoots provides. We go to work confident in the fact that Talia is having wonderful experiences surrounded by supportive members of staff, who care about and assist her development. We were really worried about how a 'lockdown baby' would cope without us but she quickly settled into the homely setting and absolutely adores going. At the end of each day, we always look forward to seeing the updates on Tapestry and enjoy sharing the photos with Talia and discussing all the lovely activities she has completed with Emma and her team. It really is an incredibly special setting that clearly stood out for us when we were comparing childcare options.



Millmoots is the best place for a child to thrive as it provides a natural and safe environment.
My son is very happy to go to Millmoots, he finds his needs are met by the brilliant staff. He loves the animals and the outdoor life that is provided.
The passion for teaching is very present in the activities and my son is very engaged when participating in them.
I can see my son's development through all the updates that are made on Tapestry.
Thank you Emma for opening such a wonderful nursery in this area.



Where to begin talking about the amazing time, love, care, attention, fun, education and experiences that are lavished on my son at Millmoots Little Boots.

Emma and the team are never without a big beaming smile when my son arrives, ready to let the children in on their exciting plans for the day which can be anything from baking to gardening to arts and crafts to visiting the many animals on Emma’s family farm. Day trips are also a regular occurrence with Halloween Pumpkin Picking receiving rave reviews!

Emma prepares a rolling menu of healthy delicious sounding home cooked meals which my son devours from roast chicken to chilli & rice, is known to have seconds, followed by a delicious homemade pudding, brownies being a firm fave! Healthy snacks, nibbles and drinks are also available throughout the day meaning my son is always able to participate with a full tummy and full of energy!

I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place for my son to spend my working days. Think of a fun trusted friend looking after your little ones and you won’t go far wrong with Millmoots.

Thankyou Emma, you will be missed from September xx


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